The Bregenz journalist and press officer of the Vorarlberg State Parliament, Harald Pfarrmaier, celebrated in Zeigerle. There were plenty of reasons for that. Recently retired, he invited all his companions, colleagues, and friends to a exuberant and entertaining party.


They have all arrived: fellow musicians such as bassist Rolf Aberer, guitarist Benni Bilgeri, as well as the cabaret artist and pianist Markus Linder, who presented excerpts from his new program.


Markus Lindner  Harald Pfarrmaier mit Gemahlin Doris

 Kaberettist Markus Lindner                                                                          Harald Pfarrmaier mit seiner Gemahlin Doris und Werner Kaplaner


The former bosses as state parliament President Gabriele Nussbaumer, the state councilors Bernadette Mennel and Karlheinz Rüdisser had come  as well as the state parliament delegates Dieter Egger and Hubert Kinz.


Also on board were the former work colleagues and journalists such as Werner Kaplaner, Sonja Schlingensiepen, Andi Dünser, Thomas Heche Berger, Andreas holiday and Thomas Miller.




Die MittwochStammtischrunde des Zeigerles


Not to forget hisWednesday Stammtisch” colleagues who were to come numerous as the photographer Christine Kees, graphic artist Robert Maier, marketing expert Lisi Bodlac, artist Günther Gruber, banker Wolfgang Roth, entrepreneur Elmar Muxel  with partner Ines Wehner just to name a few.


 Stammtischkollegen Manfred und Wolfgang     Wirt Kurt Obwegeser


On this occasion theStammtischrunde” handed the proceeds of their Christmas fundraising campaign “Tischlein Deck dich in the amount of 900, – EUR at the patroness of  the Social Action, the state councilor Bernadette Mennel.