We wish all our guests and friends of the Zeigerles a peaceful and merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

4 Laternen


This beholden a heartfelt ” thank you” for the loyality that was given to us last year. So we could enjoy with you some birthday or family celebration, some convivial and boisterous evenings. We were allowed to make business and Christmas events for you.


In December alone there were 18 Christmas events . The hit this year was our offer: “roasted Christmas turkey on the whole ” .




A total of 27.2 kg of these wonderful birds was cooked by our kitchen. The heaviest weighed 7.6 kg without wealth , and had thus utilized the dimensions of our furnace. The fowls was delivered by Armin Fritsch Fraxern, Vorarlberg..


With the hope to welcome you back next year healthy, we wish you the best for the holidays!