…  we are committed to this tradition . For the Christmas season , we have come up with something very special and offer our guests Salvater Paulaner Double Bock beer fresh from the barrel. Paulaner Salvator with the strong , typically malty taste is called the original Paulaner . Paulaner SalvatorThe bottom-fermented Doppelbock beer combines the finest hops and dark barley malt . The Paulaner monks served Salvator of Lent as a meal replacement. Famous master brewer was Frater Barnabas, who led the Paulaner monastery brewery starting in 1773. Its original recipe is still as good as was not changed. To protect the original, let Paulaner 1896, the trade name of ” Salvator ” Enter the Patent Office.
Alcohol and wort :
Wort : 18.3%
Alcohol: 7.9%


Also, our wheat beer selection is changed : During the Christmas season and the New Year , we offer the seller no. 1 of the Paulaner brewery : The unfiltered wheat beer .

Alcohol and wort :
Wort : 12.5 %
Alcohol: 5.5%


Followed by dark wheat beer that compared to the bright yeast wheat beer has a higher proportion of dark wheat malt and is produced in a special process. Which is what gives it its irresistible chestnut – brown color . The nutritious 12.4 percent of the original word makes it so wonderfully delicious. paulaner_brauerei_logosvg Its fresh , strong flavor is slightly reminiscent of roasted paints. Therefore, its tempting maroon color. The full-bodied 12.4% original wort give it its irresistible character palatable . His strong, fruity and fresh aroma reminds a bit of roasted malt .

Alcohol and wort :
Wort : 12.4%
Alcohol: 5.3%

Also for the chauffeurs and drivers among our guests, we can provide a great deal of the Paulaner brewery making : The alcohol-free unfiltered yeast – White Beer: A thirst-quenching without compromising with palatable character, malty flavor and with the full white beer flavor.  Its natural ingredients make the non-alcoholic wheat beer to a genuine refreshment in everyday life. It is much lighter than a traditional wheat beer , with only 100kcal per 0.5 liters it has fewer calories than an apple juice or cola .
Alcohol and wort :
Alcohol: less than 0.5%
Original gravity : 6.5%


We look forward to your visit !