Aspic from rump

with radishes vinaigrette and green salad

   9,80 €

Mixed salad with pieces of perch fillet

marinated with oranges and raspberry dressing

   11,90 €
Crisp green salad with chicken pieces
  9,60 €

Turrets of tomatoes an mozzarella

with fresh basil an toasted pine nuts

  8,90 €
Mixed salad with french dressing
*3,50 € 4,30 €





Beef broth

optionally with pancake stripes, semolina dumplings or cheese dumplings

  3,60 €

Carrot – fennel soup

refined with sour cream

  3,80 €
Black beer soup with croutons
  3,80 €


Main courses

„Zeigerle Topf“

Medallions of pork wrapped in bacon with a cocgnac – cream sauce,

mixed vegetables an potato croquettes

  15,30 €

Local beef fillet steak (220g)

served with red wine sauce, with potato gratin and mixed salad

  22,60 €

Grilled turkey medallions

with curry-coconut sauce served with almond rice and pineapple dice

  15,30 €

Feines Kalbsbeuschl mit Semmelknödel

An old traditional food of poor people: A slighty sour taste ragout of heart and lungs of calves

*8,70 € 9,80 €

Gekochter Tafelspitz

Boiled rump on chive sauce with root vegetables an roasted potatoes

*10,30 € 12,80 €


Brook trout fillet on begetables noodles refined with saffron sauce

  17,80 €


Classic regional main courses

Wiener Schnitzel

Breaded pork cutlet coated in egg an breadcrumbs

with french fries on the side

*9,80 € 10,90 €


Tender pieces of pork, chicken an beef, served with BBQ sauce,

french fries and herb butter

   13,20 €


Beef goulash with regional “spätzle” (small nuggets of wheat flour and

eggs prepared in boiling water refined with butter)

*9,40 € 10,50 €

Vorarlberger Kässpätzle

Small nuggets of wheat flour and eggs prepared in boiling water mixed with hot cheese from three varieties and topped with fried onions. Grenn salad.

*9,80 € 10,90 €



Spinat – Käse – Knödel

Spinach cheese dumplings in brown butter and topped with parmesan flakes

  8,80 €

Gemüse – Fetataschen

Vegetable feta ravioli served with ruccola salad and light garlic dip

  9,90 €

Hausgemachte Zucchini Laibchen

Home made zucchini blinis on creamed vegetables

  9,90 €

Bunte Gemüseplatte

Platter with fresh seasonal vegetables served with boiled potatoes and fried egg

  10,50 €



Mohr im Hemd,

warm Schockolade cake with cherry saucee

  7,50 €

Winterlicher Bratapfel

with nuts, rum, honey, cinnamon and clove

  6,30 €

Pina Colada cream

with pineapple ragout and yogurt ice

  7,90 €

Strawberry parfait

finely garnished with green pepper

  7,60 €

Warmer Apfelstrudel

Warm apple strudel with whipped cream or vanilla sauce

  3,90 €


Ice creams

Mixed ice cream
  3,00 €
Ice coffee with whipped cream
  5,60 €


Vanilla ice cream with marinated berriesw and whipped cream

  5,90 €

Banana Split

  5,80 €


For a snack

A pair of hot dogs with mursard and bread
  3,50 €
Beef salad finely garnished with pumpkin seed oil   9,30 €

Berni’s Käseteller
Cheese Plate: Specialties of “Fredi’s Käslädele”, served with butter an bread

  12,50 €

Sausage salad with bread

  6,60 €

Saucage and cheese salad with bread

  7,10 €

Herren Toast
Grilled pieces of pork on toast with salad garnish and mushroom sauce

  8,90 €

Damen Toast
Grilled chicken breast topped with cheese and pineapple on toast and salad garnish

  8,90 €

Ham cheese toast with salad garnish

  6,90 €


If ordered in advance

Roasted stuffed turkey (ab 10 Personen!)

with mixed vegetables, rice, noodles, cream sauce and mixed salad

pro Person 17,90 €

* small serving